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    La Vie Parisienne, Cebu

    This month last year, my co-blogger and a sister in Christ visited Cebu for a business trip. We really planned a week before her arrival to go to a cozy and instagrammableย spots nearby theย city because she knew that she has…

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    Vlog: Caohagan Island, Mactan Cebu

    Watch my snapped videos from this island hopping trip at Caohagan Island, Mactan Cebu! For more details, check out my blog – Caohagan Island. Enjoy!

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    Vlog: Medellin, Cebu

    I’ve already shared the full details and the entire photo gallery of this trip before. You may check it here. Now, check out my vlog and see my random snaps. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚  

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    Vlog: La Vie Parisienne x The Pyramid Cebu

    Last month, a friend of mine from Manila went to Cebu for a business trip. She is a blogger and a travel enthusiast like me, and she wanted to go on a quick side trip during her free time rather…

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    10,000 Roses

    I am an enthusiast lady who craves to discover things, places, and foods. Like what they’ve said “You only live once“, so I don’t want to waste my time doing nothing or just facing with gadgets and into social media,…

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    Medellin, Cebu

    T’was a wonderful privilege for my entire family when we were invited to witness the wedding of our churchmate’s brother last December 31, 2016. I was also asked to render a song at the reception part to serenade the couple.…