26 Lessons I Learned In 26 Years Of Existence

Time flies like an arrow! Can’t believe that I’m 27 now! This quarter life crisis made me feel like I’m running out of time to achieve my dreams and goals in life. There were some phases of my life where I felt lost and a little bit confused about where am I heading to and who am I wanted to be. I had a lot of experiences in this life – both extreme joy and darkest nights – that taught me a lot of lessons. But if you’re gonna ask me if I could go back and change a certain season where I could right my wrongs and mistakes, I still wouldn’t change anything. I may have some regrets from the past but those experiences have shaped me though. Every single and little detail of my life made me who I am today and what have I become. So here are the lessons I got through my previous years of existence. To all of my birthday-mates and October celebrants, happiest birthday to all of us!


1. “Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten”. Our family is the greatest treasure in life and no one could ever replace that spot! A family is our greatest gift of all that God has given to us. No matter what we do and what we say, they will always be our number 1 supporter, listener, our cheer dancers, and most of all, our comfort and shield from any circumstances that we face! God might let us felt so much pain before, but because of that pain, He led us closer to one another. I’m forever grateful for that then!

2. Real friends are hard to find. I was entitled as “Miss Congeniality” for having lots of group of friends. But at the end of the day, it won’t actually matter. I know it’s cliché but it’s better to have a small number of real and true friends than a big one that will only be there for you when you don’t need them. We have to keep in mind that there are people who are meant to stay and meant just to pass by. So if you found yours, keep them!

3. Health is wealth, thus eat healthy foods yet cheat once in a while as a consolation prize. I learned how important our health is. I attended a seminar two weeks ago and the speaker said: “even if you’re the richest person in the world if illness hit you, you’ll get poor and poorer”. We need to be careful about what we eat even if we’re still young. Yet, cheat day/s in a week is necessary. I guess. 😉

4. Regular rest and regular breaks are essentials. Make a habit of taking breaks with friends or just spend ME TIME. Sometimes, all we need are 8 hours of sleep, good movies or a binge watch of your favorite tv series (with or without company), and some comfort foods. That’s how I roll my rest days at home.

5. Travel. Explore. Discover. This could also be another way when taking breaks. If I have time and budget, I take chances to go out-of-town or any places nearby that I wanted to visit. I dine at restaurants and coffee shops and try delicious foods. Work, save, then travel the world! It refuels our souls, rejuvenates our passions, and rekindle the fire to live our lives again to the fullest!

6. “Grow through what you go through”. Maturity doesn’t come by age alone, sometimes it’s through experiences and way of thinking or understanding. This life is a continuous progress. Go for life and live the moment because YOLO (you only live once). Then learn from the lessons that you might get as you grow.

7. Adulthood is hard! For real! Before, I spent money on my own luho or interests. I bought things I wanted and tried food chains or restaurant here and then, with no responsibility of providing needs at home. But now it’s different because I’m a grown up now. I have to get ready and be prepared for another chapter of my life (having my own family) in the future, plus, to be a blessing to others as well! I can’t imagine my parents how did they deal with it: paying bills, tuition fees, provide foods on the table, paying the house for shelter, and etc. all at the same time? They’re pretty amazing! All for love! (Clap clap to our heroic parents!)

8. The number of 👍🏻 or ❤ will not define who you are and how good you are. Millenials are into “likes” on Facebook and “hearts” on Instagram or Twitter. What we post online shouldn’t need the approval of others. We don’t please them. As a person and as the owner of online accounts, I always keep in mind that I created them because I wanted to share my stories and to keep good memories; that I exerted efforts to beautify each photo and each word for my own self and for creating an online journal itself. So that in the future, I could share it with my future hubby and kids.

9. Celebrate all little wins and appreciate even the tiniest things in your life. Little wins are not for losers. These might be our stepping-stones for a better version of ourselves. Gratitude is the key to contentment!

10. “Supporting another’s success won’t dampen yours.” Insecurities could kill people. Envy also creeps in when we tend to compare ourselves to others. Remember, we have different pathways and plans in life. And only God knows about our future! So why not support others than comparing? Enough of selfishness! Let’s spread love than hate!

11. Rejections and failures will always be part of our lives. Just live with it! Our prayers and wishes won’t always be answered with a “yes“. Sometimes it’s a “no” or “wait“. And that’s okay! To tell you honestly, I’m really afraid of rejections before. But as I grew up, life taught me that I have to accept them. That’s the only way for you to move forward and survive in this world. Learn how to move on easily when somebody said “no“. It will help you enjoy a carefree life. #BuhaySales

12. When stress or pressure comes in, ask yourself if it’s worth having pimples/wrinkles for. Do not over think. Workloads and things to do at church, at home, and overflowing schedules and commitments could be stressful. When I’m starting to feel it, I mostly eat a cup of an ice cream, chocolate, any sweet dessert, or any kind of food that I may find comfort. Then I jot down the things that I need to do – from the highest priority to the least. Because writing to-do-lists will help you unload of things you keep on thinking. Remember, mas nakakastress tanggalin ang pimples/wrinkles than solving issues in life. Kaya easyhan lang natin ang buhay 😉

13. Basic hygiene matters! Always smell good, whether it may be your breath or your clothes, invest in perfume that makes you feel more of yourself. Make sure your hair is neat and your skin’s in it’s best condition. Get regular manicure and pedicure. And dress appropriately. If you don’t train to fix yourself now, it will never happen.

14. Think before you click! A lot of millennials nowadays rant out their feelings online even if it’s negative. Some people don’t think if it might hurt others or not. And because of that chaotic world of social media, I both love and hate that platform. Sometimes, I don’t wanna scroll down and I just checked the notifications and stayed on my own profile. Negative vibes really affect people. Why not see the positive side then share good vibes, and inspire other people online? And before posting, can we think first if its necessary to share or not? What we post online reflects the inner you. So be very careful!

15. Life without coffee is incomplete. Starting daily life agendas wouldn’t be easier without an energy boost every morning. I am very much in love with coffee and enthusiastic to try different coffee shops! It’s better to be called caffeineholic or coffee-addict than alcoholic! Right? 😀

16. “Pain demands to be felt.” We can’t run from it. We can’t be hypocrites from our own selves when hiding it. When pain comes in, we have to embrace it and the only way is to get through it. It’s okay to cry it out over and over again. Then think about things that need improvements and be the better version of yourself. I know that there will always be lessons through that pain. Hold on to God ’cause He surely gives strength to the needy. The night won’t be that long because the sun will always pierce the clouds. So does pain won’t stay forever!

17. Love. Forgive. Repeat. In this life, we encounter seasons where some people tend to hurt us intentionally and unintentionally. If that happens, try not to fight back and remain silent. Your silence will always be the loudest scream that you could ever make! Instead of throwing fire to a fire, pray for them and lift them to God in your prayer time and in your war room (prayer room). Ask the Lord to be a vessel of His overflowing love and ask Him to teach you how to forgive them even if its hard. Then repeat the cycle until it’s a habit. I just learn this cycle that’s why I’m sharing this with you.

18. Your siblings could be your best friends and your best enemy at the same time. I shared a blog regarding my relationship with my youngest sister (read To My Sister blog). There are days where I get too close to my sibling/s yet expresses annoyance at some other day. We understand each other but there are days where someone’s impatient. At the end of the day, acceptance of our differences should matter because they are part of the family. We should always choose to love our siblings in every season of our lives.

19. Among all people, your parents will never ever give up on you! That’s how I describe my parents. They have seen our positive and negative attitudes; our good and bad habits as we grew up. Still, they never give up on us. They continue to discipline us and guide us in every decision that we make. And even we have given them heartaches before, they’re still there, very supportive and even prouder of who we are today. Our little and big successes will always be because of them!

20. Fight to survive! Don’t get me wrong! I’m not telling you to fight people for your own good. What I’m trying to say is to “fight a good fight, finish the race, and keep the faith“. Life must go on! Survive in this world by keeping your faith on to God and by holding on to His promises! Giving up should never be our option! #POWER

21. Fix your eyes upon the Lord. There’s no such thing as perfect in this world and we knew that already! Because of that, there are people around you or the workplace or churches or leaders or friends or loved ones that might give disappointments and be a stumbling block upon reaching your goals. But do not be discouraged or dismayed. Just keep your head up high and fix your eyes upon your Abba Father alone!

22. Trust and integrity are biggies! Honesty and reliable people are big deal for me! From what I have experienced, some of my friends and people whom I look up to where tested on this! And I have learned that no matter how long you have known them, they might turn your back and say bad things about you. I have forgiven them though, but they taught me to be picky and be very careful when choosing people.

23. Never stop learning. Don’t ever stop. There are lots of things to know in our journey. Life shouldn’t be boring! It should be exciting! It is a continuous progress and a process. There are plenty of rooms for improvements. So don’t just sit there and revolve around your daily routines but rather try to exercise your creativity to see your hidden crafts and talents that you haven’t discovered.

24. Not too late to dream big again. I created a timeline for myself: that at the certain age I get a car, have 5-year boyfriend-relationship, be a manager at 25, get married at 28, have a baby by 30, etc. My plans and dreams might not prevail but I know that my future is secured in God’s own perfect timing! I might get disappointed for not reaching them in a specific time, but it’s never too late to dream big again. Life has a lot to offer! We just have to get out of our comfort zones and be ready for greater opportunities ahead of us! Isn’t even more exciting to fulfill your dreams now that you’re matured enough to conquer your fears?

25. Just be true to who you really are. A lot of people always want to get attention from others. Some people lied just to impress the society. Above all, the only person who should accept is yourself. You’ve gotta know your self-worth. Admire your talents and uniqueness. You are precious in the eyes of our Maker!

26. To live is Christ and to die is gain. I fully understand how to die – denying your self and be selfless enough – to live in accordance with the will of the Lord. Thy will be done!


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