5 Reasons Why I Wrap Around A Denim Shirt

When you’re a blogger, you’re also the model, the stylist, the creative director, the writer—sometimes you’re also the photographer. I can’t thank enough my supportive younger sister and closest friends for taking that job sometimes just to get the best shots for my OOTD (outfit of the day).

Every great OOTD photo begins with a great OOTD itself. When choosing an outfit to wear for the day, this is entirely up to you and your personal style. I dress depending on my mood, the weather, and the occasion. Speaking of that which, I’m glad to share you the style that I usually do whenever I wear a dress or shorts.

I already told you from the previews blogs that I really love denim and I’m a freaking fan of collecting different shades of it. Now, I am looking for some ways to wear them differently. But this time, I used my oversized denim shirt or polo to wrap around my waist. Why do this? Read on my five reasons below!



I’ve seen this before most especially from the dancers who perform on stage and use this as their costume. The usually use this for an additional angst and attitude whenever they do their routines. But whether you’re a legit dancer or not, you may also apply this because a lot of people now are doing this as their fashion statement – mostly to achieve the street style. But be mindful! Not because it’s trending you should do this. You can have the most expensive pair of any clothes but if it doesn’t work with your body or if you style it with pieces that do not go so well, that’s a waste then. That’s how important styling is in every look.




If I’m wearing a dress and I think that it’s somewhat shorter from the normal length, I usually use oversized polo as a cover up. Girls, we should always be conscious on what we wear. I won’t tagged it as “being conservative” but rather showing “respect” to our own body, to ourselves. For me, I would rather be a head turner (wish ko lang haha) or draw attentions from people because of my prettified face and character, not because of showing too much of skin. I don’t mean anything about this if you think that we’re not in the same perspective. I respect yours. This is just me 🙂



Sometimes I use a plain dress and it looks boring. If you don’t have lots of choices in regards to jewelry, scarves, or handkerchiefs like me, you may also use this to add flavor and statement on your fashion. But don’t over use accessories. Remember that sometimes what you think is a great look won’t have the same impact on your audience—so show your personality and keep it interesting. Stay true to your personal style but inject a few little details that would create a strong visual interest.



I gained weight since I got here in Cebu. From 55 kilograms, I am now weighing 60 kilograms. It’s a shame for me. But I have to adjust and accept this change that happened in my body. Whenever I wear a dress, I do this wrapping around an oversized polo or use any cardigan. It a gives the curve to my body at some point because it focuses on your waist, it somehow hides my excess fats as well, and it sets an illusion that I have a 24 waist line haha! This is also applicable to those who are petite to give you curve on your upper hips naman or on your balakang.



It gives comfortability because I am not so conscious of any actions that I do whenever I’m wearing a shorter dress. And it boosts confidence because I find this kind of style looks fashionable and it fits on me. You have the creative freedom to do whatever you want. It’s your blog, it’s your Instagram, it’s your brand. Be confident about that!

Dress: Uniqlo

Oversized Polo: Lee

Sling Bag: Esprit

Rosy 🥀

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