About To Explode


I’m about to explode
I don’t want to be deadly
But there’s too much growth

A growth of a substance
Penetrating directly to the heart
Piercing and tearing me apart

I smile on the outside
I scream on the inside
Frequently interrupted with amusingness around

My chronicles turned into silence
Believing that silence produces patience
Patience that marks as obedience

Obedience is better than sacrifice –
Where blessing is the ultimate prize
Shall I give up now or hold on tight?

I come running to the Most High
Lifting up my hands to the sky
Surrendering heavy laden to the Author of my life

As I patiently wait for a response
My Savior reminds me of His enormous love
Pushing me to fight with endurance

Anxiety continues
As perseverance comes from the Good News:
“Not by might, nor by power, but by the Spirit of God”

I’m about to explode
I don’t want to be deadly – but no! Not anymore
‘Cause I know that my Heavenly Father holds my world

🌷 Rosy 🌷

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