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Art Fair 2017

“As the sun colors flower so does art colors life.”

I stayed three weeks in Makati and attended a training program regarding with my new job. It was an advantage for me actually, ’cause I had a chance to meet my closest friends who live nearby Manila. I was so game on creating new memories and exciting escapades with them. It was actually the reason why you haven’t heard any story from me these past few weeks, or for months. But, I’m back now fellas!

Meanwhile, one of my trusted girlfriend and a sister from another mother celebrated her birthday while I’m in the city. We spent the night together before her birthday at Tagaytay to chill and ate deli foods at Bag of Beans. Then by midnight, we rushed to Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Springs Resort, located in Laguna, and experienced their relaxing hot spring until dawn and also their buffet breakfast. Rencie‘s birthday celebration continued as we went to an art exhibit at the link parking in Makati. The organizers entitled the event as “Art Fair 2017” and they held this kind of event yearly.

Those creations that I saw were spectacular and mesmerizing! Some were made meaningful and some have untold deep story behind their masterpiece. I felt so proud of those Filipinos artists who passionately expressed their emotions in an innovative approach thru arts and abstracts. And so, let me share with you some of the arts I’ve seen at the said exhibit.

These are the things I’ve realized from the exhibit:

We shouldn’t be afraid to try and think outside the box, whether we are an artist or not. Get out of your comfort zone and be brave to grow, to learn and unlearn. Brace yourself with new things, new happenings, or new challenges. ‘Cause who knows? We are uncertain of what could be the outcome, whether it will be beautiful or not, and yet we won’t regret anything because at least we tried. Like an art, life is about creating yourself — our own selves.

Rosy 🌹

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