Break Time

It was just a typical Friday to go to work and do my daily routines in a bank. But on that day, I was appointed to report to another branch to be a reliever, it was at BF Homes Paranaque. My brother, Noel (he’s not my biological brother, by the way, he’s just a friend, I just love to call him like that hehe) knew about my assignment the night before that. So drastically, we decided to meet after work duties together with my sister from another mother – Rencie.

Right after work, I went to Zark’s Burgers  – a fast-food near my workplace that serves fully loaded burger meals. I met my two friends in the cafe (we are just so excited to eat bulk patties on that night that’s why we decided to meet directly to the place, wala nang hintay hintayan pa heehee). It took us a while when we finalized our orders. For my tummy, I can’t take the challenged to finish the jawbreaker meal alone. I had to find a partner to eat them all. Same with Rencie. The only bravest person that night was Noel haha no wonder 😀 ! But when the waiter came and asked for our orders, Noel and I picked the jawbreaker meal for Rencie also. ‘Cause I believed in her “small but terrible tummy” LOL! 😀 😀

When our orders came, our heart jumped as we saw these mouth-watering burgers EWW! Haha!  But of course, as part of Filipino tradition – let’s take selfies/groupies first before praying for the food! 🙂

my meal – ultimate burger
us before we attacked the food
Rencie’s excited face to eat ’em all
Noel’s double approve with his order
my close up happy face



After 15 minutes… BOOM! WE WERE SO BLOATED! HAHAHA! But honestly, we enjoyed eating them. The three patties were so delicious that you can really taste real meat (in Tagalog MALINAMNAM talaga!), the cheese was a perfect combination with mustard, tomato ketchup and the hot sauce, the crunchy bacon, the spam, the fresh lettuce and tomatoes, the right cooked french fries with garlic dip on the side plus the overflowing blue lemonade. Sino ba namang hindi mabubusog dun ng bonga? OUR TUMMY WERE SO FULL THAT NIGHT TALAGA!

The feeling was mutual – we can’t walk because of our tummy! It hurts you know, literally and seriously! Hilarious! But then, we want to make that night somewhat different. So even when our tummy hurts, we still decided to take a walk and see what was around the place. walk-walk-walk. Until we saw MINI-STOP – a convenient store known in the Philippines. We took our time to have some rest and grab an ice cream! Pan-tanggal umay lang. Kahit busog na busog pa talaga kami! Heehee! I also had a funny moment in the comfort room, before we actually dined to eat ice cream. Rencie and I were amazed on the interior design of that CR, so I also had my photo shoot that night plus some bloopers! HAHA! (Will post those photos on my next blog.) We also had fun while walking down the street! I can’t expound the details but memorable phrases and brought so much happiness for us trio that night was #waterlily #stickerinmyhead #youdeserveit. Yung kahit nasa van na kami tawa pa din kami ng tawa. Haay LIFE! 😀

It was the happiest night for me that week! Stressful days and a bunch of works from Monday to Friday deserves to take some break time. For me, the best way to finish your work-week is to be with your friends, or family or the people you love the most. Find joy and happiness. Take a break! Be Free! Laugh hard! YOLO! ‘Cause everybody needs to be refreshed and to have a little time to relax and unwind. I know everybody deserves it! So GO! Get out and enjoy life!

Taking a break,

Rosy 🌹

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