Caohagan Island

“Let the sea, set you free.”

It’s been a while since I had a glance with the mother nature. I think the last time I had vitamin-sea-experience was last February in Kalanggaman Island, Leyte.  I’m grateful that I moved here in Cebu; it’s so easy for me to explore the beauty of nature, most especially beaches. I actually can’t wait to share with you more of my upcoming stories from out of towns and scheduled escapades this holiday season! Are you excited? But now, let me share you my story behind Caohagan Island trip.

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One of the closest family and friends from Manila chose to celebrate their silver year anniversary here in Cebu. They wanted to both explore and unwind at the nearest beach in Lapu-Lapu City. And we ended up to visit the Caohagan Island. We met the couple in Tamiya Basak, around eight o’clock in morning, and went straight to Mercado (a public market in town) via tricycle (P7.00 per head) to buy some foods to bring. We bought rice cakes, barbecue chicken and gizzard, drinks, and chips. After buying foods and stuff, we immediately rode a public multi-cab van from Mercado to Canjulao (P10.00 only per head). Then, from Canjulao church we rode a cycle rickshaw or pedicab (ranges P10.00 to P20.00 per head) to send us directly to the Port. It’s like 20 to 30 minutes travel from Mercado to Port; no traffic at all!

We rented a boat that has ten (10) sitting capacity, the night before our trip. Good thing, we have a churchmate who has a contact person when renting a boat. The price of each boat for the entire day starts at P3,500 (the price depends on the size and sitting capacity of it). Rental includes its use for Island hopping and snorkeling if you want. Travel time from port to the island is estimated around 1 hour.


This wasn’t our boat. We had to transfer to a smaller one because of low tide. This boat sent us nearer to the shore of the Island. It costs P20 per head.


Caohagan is an island located at the coast of Lapu-Lapu city in Cebu. It’s a small and remote island that is well known for the artistic quality of its handmade quilts. The island has a small population and fishing is their main livelihood. It is also famous for its fresh seafood – fish, clam, crab, seashell, lobster, etc. Their prices are tourists’ trap, though. Aside from their seafood market, it has souvenir shops that offered pasalubong items. Prices were expensive and I would recommend you to buy items at Mactan Shrine.

The Island has white sandy beaches and cottages that are available for tourists. Cottage rental ranges from P250.00 to P350.00, and they have an entrance fee of P200.00 per head. I have two (2) advantages on that day: Firstly, my parents are legit Cebuanos and they talked with them thru Visayan language. And secondly, Kuya Mel (the churchmate that I’m talking about) was with us and his father was a friend of a former Mayor at that Island. We were charged but discounted almost 50% off. We were so blessed!

This trip might be pricey for locals but I could guarantee you that the island’s inhabitants are friendly and hospitable. See more of my Instagram-worthy shots below!

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Go for island hopping in the nearby islands of Caohagan. We didn’t get that chance to do Island hopping because we just wanted to unwind near the beach. According to what I have researched, there are 6 satellite islets that can be visited. These are the Sulpa, Gilutongan, Nalusuan, Pangan-an, Olanggo, and Camungi. These islands are all rich in different types of corals and are all famous for its breathtaking dive spots. Get a taste of what Cebu has to offer with these activities. So the next time you plan your travel, be sure to include Caohagan island trip in your itinerary.

You might have a bad day, but not a bad life after all.

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