Dress x Denim 


I don’t know! But every time I saw denim skirts or denim dresses or polos, they really caught my eyes. Though I already have lots of them in my closet, most especially with polo, I continuously buy one. Maybe, I am somewhat obsessed with that color, its different shades, and its comfy look ’cause you know that I always value the essence of comfortable clothes. (You could check my previous blog posts under STYLE menu to prove that I always wear denim and comfy clothes hehe).

This morning, we – my younger sister, mom, and two beautiful nieces – went to a mall for shopping (please take note that we only bought the necessities haha- pagbigyan nyo na po lol) and for some errands. We actually planned to wear denim for twinning purposes!

So here’s my latest mall-ing OOTD;

I wore a fitted black dress here from Cotton On (which I bought while they’re on sale), matched or topped with an oversized denim polo (Extra large size polo for Men to be exact) from Lee plus my favorite white shoes that I bought from Payless shoe store. I also used a black leather sling bag and accessories that completed my entire outfit.

It’s very simple! Right? You could mix and match any clothes that you want to wear! What actually matters is that you wear them with confidence! So let your fashion statements define you! Like me, a denim lover – but who cares?


Rosy 🌹

PS. This blog post is written esp. to the one who searched an article about a dress and denim.
Hope you enjoy it!


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