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It’s been a year since we moved here in Cebu! I’m so glad to share that I already coped up with my new environment. Though I still miss the old hang out places and my friends from Manila, but men! I’ve gotta move on!

Meeting new faces and having new friends are easy, but finding a real and a true friend is the most difficult part. We all know that trust is hard to gain. It will take so much time and effort to build that. And it took me so long to find those few people whom I can trust to. Until the Lord led me.

I’m blessed that I was given an opportunity to work in a new venture. It was actually an avenue for me to find new and true friends! The three stressful weeks of our training for work turned into an amazing and a memorable one. Because we were able to build not just friendship, but a little family as well. They’re really crazy as I am and always on-the-go!

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Side story: These three girls are the craziest! We barely knew each other, but we do love one another.

But the training has come to an end. That was the saddest part! That we had to go back to our own places and be productive with our new job. We might not be always together, yet we still believe that the friendship that we already had will remain forever. May forever sa friendship eh! Haha!

Aside from those crazy girls, I also found genuine love and friendship with my colleagues assigned here in Cebu. We barely see each other too because of our duties at work but whenever we have meetings or training together, we make sure to grab some coffee or dine in a restaurant, have chit-chats and catch up even for a short period of time.

It’s always a good feeling, knowing that whenever I have life dramas and stressful moments, I can easily share it with them without any hesitation. We are very transparent on what we think and on what we feel. I thank the Lord for blessing me with these good and wonderful people. We don’t know how long and how far we’ll be working with my colleagues, but I know by heart that they will always and forever be for keeps!

Your clingy friend,

🌷 Rosy 🌷

Venue: TONIQ at Ayala Mall – Cebu

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