Happy 365 Days

One fine afternoon, I was browsing my WordPress account and reading some blogs from my feed until I saw this in my notification icon:


Tadaah! I’ve got an achievement and I’m celebrating my 1st anniversary with Haha! It may sound like I’m such a crazy girl for celebrating a non-sense award/achievement or I might look childish for being too happy to brag about it or call me anything you want (not too harsh, please?). But to tell you honestly, when I saw this, my heart jumped in felicity – for real!

I never thought of coming up with this, creating and having my own blog site – though I haven’t customized my own domain, but at least I have one. I am just one of those netizens before who read articles from my favorite celebrities’ and friends’ sites – which I still do naman – and now I turned to be one of them, a Blogger (Ehem! That sounds great! hehehe). I’m one of those people who personally writes opinions and expresses thoughts online, posting compiled photos publicly and sharing my insights for readers and followers. Moreover, it is also overwhelming to know that somebody cares to read my random thoughts and articles posted on my website. It’s just too good to be true!

So let me take this opportunity to to thank the people who encouraged me to blog. My super supportive girlfriends since day one – Allane, ate Joan, and Ozzeth, my behind-the-scene friends and photographers (most of them were taken by Rencie and my sister, Ruth Joy), of course I won’t forget to appreciate my proofreader’s (you know who you are! You’re awesome!), the GFJournal team who were great bloggers who inspire me as well (they featured me in one of their posts. Thanks again Haha!), and some of my church mates and other co-bloggers who motivate me to write enthusiastically. Lastly, I want to thank my followers, readers and visitors who spend time on my website. You don’t know how grateful I am for being part of this! Cheers! (Do I sound/look funny now? Hahaha)

On the other hand, I really want to let you know guys that it’s a pleasure for me to share my thoughts and knowledge with you (that could be nonsense or helpful or whatever), cause I really want to inspire people of what I have written here, to spread love and good news that might be a benefit to some or all humanity (Naks! Haha), and to plainly share good vibes and positive outlook to all readers! It is a beautiful reminder for me that my site is a timeline of a lady who keeps on pursuing happiness and dreams in life, a woman who’s enthusiastically full of hope in achieving success (Read my first blog entry entitled “ORIGIN” for more information). And may my stories empower you or stir up a new hope and passion in your heart. May this simple act of musings and my desire to propel others in a positive manner may bring glory to God. All for His fame, for Jesus, because without Him, I am nothing!

I am Rose Ann, a beginner blogger, blessed to be a blessing to others!Happy 365 days of awesomeness! Cheers for more blogs and inspirational articles to come! Muchas gracias!

Keep on inspiring,

Rosy 🌹

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I would love to hear your side.

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