How Will I Respond?

In this world, there are some questions that are unfathomable, unexplainable or better left unanswered. A part of being a human is that we always wanted to know the answers about “whys” and “what ifs“.

Sometimes, we move from times of peace and quiet into the painful realm of trouble. At that point, the question is, “How will I respond?“. When we can be fearful and wonder why God allowed this to happen to us, or we can trust that in the midst of this trouble, He is doing something that in the end is for the best – even if it hurts. We would do well to remember the words of the psalmist who wrote,

When I am afraid, I put my trust in You. 

Psalm 56:3

The tougher it gets, the tighter we should hug His neck. Trust in the Lord always. His love never fails!

Cling to your heavenly Father, He is your only hope.

🌷Rosy 🌷

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