June Instagram Series

This is my first time to post the stories of my life from my Instagram account. I am more into IG and twitter now than FB. The reason why I started this monthly instagram series is because I wanted to highlight the events that I went to, to easily remember the things that I have done for the entire month and to see memories in a snap like a photo album. ‘Cause scrolling down at Instagram will take some/much time.

So here are the highlighted events from last month:

  • I tried food trips at Parkmall Mandaue with churchmates
  • Visited the 10,000 Roses Cafe with the family. (Read my story here.)
  • I had a chance to travel back at Manila and Tagaytay and met my good old friends.
  • Some random throwback stories and happenings in betweens.

Looking forward to more blissful things to be done for the upcoming months! 💖

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Rosy 🥀

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