Coated Lace

As a banker, I got a lot of chance to communicate to a lot of people – most especially to our valued clients who frequently visits us in our branch. Some of these people are “big bosses” from different companies and some are just messengers or just commoner. So as a sales associate staff, I have to be presentable at any moment. Because we never know whom I’m gonna encounter each day.

Actually, I’m not used to wore skirts or dresses as basic. I only use those if I’m going to attend special events and occasions. But like what I’ve said, in order to be presentable at any moment, I included them now on my daily-slash-casual-slash-formal wear.

Here, I’m wearing a cute cream lace dress and matched with a black coat. I have to use a coat so that I may more look like going to the office rather than going to a party haha! I picked my gold doll shoes with a  cream ribbon design on top to match the color of my dress. I also wear accessories like a black watch, bronze-like earrings and gold necklace with crystal pendant.

“SIMPLE YET CLASSY.” That’s important! 😉

Rosy 🌹

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