Language of Love

Language is the system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and feelings to each other. It is a plus-point to a person who knows two or more languages. But before you continue reading, let me reiterate that I’m not going to discuss languages nor parts of speech nor any English subject related article. I am not an English teacher. Ok? I’m just here to share some of my experiences and insights that is related to this topic.


I’m used to speak in two languages, that’s Tagalog or Filipino and English. But now that I’m residing here in Cebu, its very difficult for me to speak fluently with their own dialect, which is visayan or bisaya language. The amazing fact is that I could understand a cebuano whenever that person talks to me in bisaya. Maybe, it’s an instict that my parents originated here in Cebu and maybe because I heard them speaking that way when I was a kid.

But since the dialect is still new to me, I sometimes misunderstood a word or a sentence. I remember when a client went at my work station and asked me if will he still be served at the counter even if he mistakenly input a detail in the machine? I actually said “its okay”. That’s true, the he will be served but I just realized that I didn’t noticed the word he used “nasayop” in bisaya (“mistake” in english) while he asked me. It’s not a big issue though, cause he could still do it all over again and type the correct information in the system. But the thing was, I didn’t get the exact thought or question because of the language that he used.

Mistakes are inevitable when we are learning a second language, including learning the new language of God’s love.

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness.

James 3:9

At times our speech is contradictory because we praise the Lord but then speak badly of others. Our old sinful nature opposes our new life in Christ. What comes out of our mouths shows us how much we need God’s help.

Our old “tongue” must go away. The only way to learn the new language of love is by making Jesus the Lord of our speech. When the Holy Spirit works in us, He gives us self-control to speak words that please the Father.

Set a guard over my mouth, Lord; keep watch over the door of my lips.

Psalms 141:3

May we surrender every word to Him! Let our words bless the name of the Lord and other people. May the words we speak point others to Jesus.

Rosy 🥀

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