That’s what I told my friends when they encouraged me to make my own site and become a blogger.

I’ve heard about blogging back in high school but it didn’t catch my attention enough to get me started. For me, I couldn’t see its importance and the purpose of having/making one. In fact, I don’t even understand “what is a blog?” or “how to make a blog” or “why are they blogging?” or “is there someone who really cares to read their stories?” and a lot more questions popped up in my head criticizing blog sites negatively, so why am I joining the world of bloggers?

But as time went by, blog sites became known to the crowd. It’s like Facebook where people are enticed to join, to be connected with friends and loved ones. It’s like Twitter where people want to update and get posted as well on what’s happening to folks they care about. It is also like Instagram where people wanted to boast their beautiful shots on what they have seen and experienced. I’ve heard more often about it when my favorite TV personalities advertise and promote their own sites so that people would know more about them. And as their follower in their social media accounts and a fanatic girl, I’m actually one of those “people” who stalk their site hehe. Moreover, I really got interested when some of my girlfriends (which are very close to my heart) shared things and everything under the sun. They’re so dear to me that I can’t let myself miss out on their stories (attached lang? haha). That’s the moment when I got interested and have fully decided to join their world! So what does a “blog” mean?According to “miss” Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

blog\ˈblȯg, ˈbläg\ – noun: a Web site on which someone writes about personal opinions, activities, and experiences

Ah-huh! It is like HAVING AN ONLINE DIARY — and that’s how I want my own site to look like, A DIARY. You’re not writing your daily stories on a notebook and pen but rather writing those highlighted stories online that you wanted to share with people. It might be embarrassing or fulfilling experiences, lessons learned, procedures on how to do certain stuff, articles that could be a source of encouragement and knowledge or just a piece of thought in your head. That’s it! I finally found out what should I write (it is also the perks of stalking blog sites haha stalker forever hehe) and how should be my site look like – MY DIARY. But the next question is, what’s the name of my site?

I want to make a name that tells something about me or just a simple name that people would easily recognize and associate me with. I don’t want to use my A.K.A. name chuchayss – aside from the fact that it sounds like a cheap name, it also has a meaning in a different language which is not good for me to hear it (a foreigner told me that on YM long time ago). I also don’t want to use my real name either without any twist as it is so plain and simple. So I started to reshuffle the letters of my name and kept on trying to make one, like roxieann, rosieann, rosiepepito, rozypep, peprosie, rosierose, etc., until the check symbol (an icon that would tell if the name is still available or already taken by others on the right side of a tab) turned green. It was ROSYPEP . I doubted actually, I don’t easily settle on that name because I wanted to think for somewhat more unique but I couldn’t think of any. So I pondered on the meaning of the name that I have created. I know that there is a word “rosy“, I chose that name because I like the pinkish look of a rose (that would also help to describe my name) and a thought of the phrase of “rosy cheeks”. What I didn’t expect, was the fact that there’s a root word for “pep” (first 3 letters taken from my surname Pepito) in a dictionary (Merriam-Websters Dictionary):

rosy\ˈrō-zē\ – adjective: having a pink color: having or producing hope for success or happiness in the future: promote optimism

pep\ ‘pep\ – noun: energy or enthusiasm: brisk energy or initiative and high spirits

It came to me as a surprise that there’s a deeper meaning for my name ROSYPEP – a woman who’s enthusiastically full of hope for success and happiness, a rosy outlook on life.

Now, I finally found out the purpose of having my own site! Its existence will be my timeline as I pursuit happiness and dreams in life. I’m very much excited to share my experiences with you. Cheers for more blogs to come!

Rosy 🌹

PS. Thanks to my ever supportive girlfriends allanenaval and ate preciousjown for contributing creative ideas to make this blog site an attractive one 🙂


    • Zet

      bet ko yung Love, Rosy! parang cecelia ahern’s book lang! 💕 but i hate you because you put up a blog kung kelan i closed down mine. hahaha. but anyhoo, happy blogging! if you need a proof reader, i’d be glad to apply 😉

      • rosypep

        You’re hired friendship zet! hihi. thank you sa pag encourage saken to make my own blog site! haha! balik ka na as blogger, ikaw kaya yung isa sa mga tinutukoy ko dun na gusto kong maging updated sa mga stories. Please? heehee. :*

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