Saying Goodbye 

GOODBYE, 2016! You’ve been a tough year, FOR REAL!

If you’re gonna ask me on how to describe 2016 in one word, it’s gonna be CHANGE! ‘Cause everything has changed since I started living my life for that year. For the first six months, my time was suddenly turned into a precious gold! I spent a lot of time with my friends and cherished every moment with my workmates. I just got a regularization at work back then but I filed a resignation. I have attended gatherings and celebrations with a thought of “It’ll be my last”. I dealt with pain every single day. I cried a lot because of the fact that I had to leave those people that I treasured for years and decades, just to obey and fulfill God’s call for me and my entire family. It was about adjustments with the new environment, a different culture, and language. It was about acceptance and transition from old to a new lifestyle. After all of those changes, I’m ready to let go.

I’m ready to say goodbye to my favorite parts of 2016 and those special memories. I’m ready to loosen my grip on you, slip you through my fingers and go make new ones.

I’ve learned a lot. I learned lessons you were trying to teach me. I learned from the pain, from the heartbreak, from the betrayal, from the tears, from the mistakes, and from my own shortcomings. Don’t worry, I’m not angry for letting me learn some things the hard way. Instead, I have forgiven you for putting me through hard times, and for not making the good times last longer. I have forgiven you for being stubborn and for not turning things exactly the way I wanted them to be; mostly for the lonely nights. Cause now, I knew and realized that you have a purpose for every little thing that happened. At some point, they made me fearless. In a way, they’ve taught me how to value and enjoy that “Me-Myself-And-I-Time”. And they made me unafraid of loneliness.

Lastly, I want to say thank you! For all of the blessings that I have received, for the times I spent smiling, for the times I laughed with my friends and loved ones. I love you for the moments you made me feel invincible and for the moments you made me feel so alive. Well, I know it’s strange because you weren’t the perfect. Like what I’ve said, you’ve been so tough but you still had a special place in my heart. The old times will surely be missed and yet, all of those memories that I had with you will be kept forever.


Rosy 🌹


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