September Instagram Series

I had a mini Instagram hiatus last month. Forgive me for being like that but please hear me out.

I had to take that short break to find my soul again, to look for the missing piece, and to rejuvenate what have had lost. I had struggles, frustrations, and stressful weeks at work, home, and at church that I had to deal with (I actually shared a piece of my heart from my recent blog post – Press On ). Aside from that, I have a lot of gatherings and events that I had to attend. Nonetheless, I still cared and managed to share some sneak peek of my escapades.

  • Food Lover – I shared my cravings and some Cebu’s food delicacies that were prepared when my cousin celebrated her birthday.
  • Coffee Lover – Aside from being a foodie, I always post selfies of coffees I ordered.
  • Odlot Cebu – I was able to see another tourist sport here in Cebu. It was so nice and a very affordable place. More details and photos will be posted here on the blog soon. 🙂
  • The Tinder Box – Another fine dining place that I have found nearby. It’s located in Banilad Cebu. A new place to chill and dine while catching up with friends. It’ll be shared on a separate blog as well.
  • Philam Vitality Event at Marco Polo – It was a company event that held last September 23, 2017. It’s more like a team building with my colleagues and bank partners plus fitness inspired activities. I had so much fun and had body pain the next day haha!

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