The Time Is Now

We have all witnessed the attacks against our generation.
Attacks that led to confusion and destruction.
We have seen the weakest and youngest among us: neglected, targeted, and victimized.
What we have seen drove us to helplessness; more often, we choose to ignore it and brush it aside.

We tell ourselves it will pass, we silently hope that things will improve on their own.
But optimism is not hope. Do not be mistaken.
Instead, we have grown to be indifferent. Slowly, indifference tears us apart.
It robs us of the greater destiny that we were called to live.

Look around. Darkness seems to hover all around.
But do not despair. It is always dark before dawn.
The light is about to breakthrough.

In the breaking of daylight,
The beauty and majesty of the Son of Man will be known
to every nation, to every generation.
Will you answer the call?
The call to uncover Yahweh’s supremacy over creation.
The call to unlearn old habits and traditions that block us from moving forward.
The call to unleash the passion that can move us beyond the plateau.
The call to be an army who will ascend to the hill.

It’s time for an awakening!
From our spiritual coma, our numbness, and our apathy.
The battle is on!
So pick up your five stones, cause it’s time to slay the giant.
It’s time for an uprising!
To fight for the youngest among us,
And awaken this generation toward our destination.
From the south to the north, the north to the south,
let the generations assemble and come united as one.

It’s our time to stand in battle!
It’s our time to answer the call!
It’s our time for Uprising!


Rosy 🥀

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