Twinning in Stripes

Twinning in stripes

As sisters, we barely schedule our twinning outfits because we are different individuals with different type of styles. Mostly, wearing the same outfit for a day really depends on our moods. Sometimes when I asked her, she’s too lazy to doll-up or she already planned her outfit the night before we head out. Same way here when she asked me naman.

We also consider the climate itself. Trust me, I have dresses and blazers I’ve been dying to wear but the minute I step out of my room, I’m already sweating buckets! Just a few minutes into wearing it, I already want to take it off! This actually makes me waste so much time because I have to choose what I’m wearing all over again and I end up wearing my trusty old denim shorts and whatever breezy top I could find. I’m sure I’m not alone with this!

Here, we both agreed to wear the same outfit and the most comfortable combination there is: Shirt + Denim Shorts 🙂 Simply because we were both too lazy that day (Lol) plus, it’s just too hot here in Cebu so we wanted to wear the most comfortable combo that we have from our closets.

This kind of outfit is so cliché. I know that! But I personally want to share you few ways on how I take this look to the next level!

1. Find a tee with a breathable fabric. So it it’ll make you feel breezy and comfortable.

2. Pair with a denim or any kind of short that looks classic and stylist.

3. Match this combo with a sneaker. Any color will do but pairing its color is way different.

4. Pair this outfit with a statement sunnies. An eye catching pair of sunglasses will make your look different.

5. A bit amount of make up and a lively shade of lippie. Sometimes, it’s all about little details that will make the difference.

Styling an outfit doesn’t mean you have to wear extravagant clothing, as always. You should consider the climate and the environment that you’re about to go. Then wear your attitude and make it simple yet classy! And lastly, always choose clothes that you’re comfortable with.

Keep it simple!

🌷Rosy 🌷

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