Vlog: La Vie Parisienne x The Pyramid Cebu

Last month, a friend of mine from Manila went to Cebu for a business trip. She is a blogger and a travel enthusiast like me, and she wanted to go on a quick side trip during her free time rather than merely staying at her hotel room. A week before her arrival, we created an itinerary and planned where to go. She actually asked for my opinion and I’ve chosen the places I haven’t seen or the places that I really wanted to visit. My choices were La Vie Parisienne in Lahug and the Movenpick Hotel in Mactan Cebu.

La Vie Parisienne was scheduled on the first night of her Cebu side trip. But before we went to that romantic place, we checked-in first at the hotel and had a very quick dolling-up or freshen-up sesh before heading to the place. I was the hair and makeup stylist of my big sister because I’m one of her most kikay friends and I really can’t afford to see a pale face. Haha!

We scheduled to visit the Movenpick Hotel on her third day here. The main goal was to take sunset photos and to enjoy the beauty of nature by the beach. But we had to cancel it due to her jam-packed schedule. So we changed our plan and checked out The Pyramid Cebu by night time instead. The excitement still got me ’cause I always wanted to visit that place since it opened. It was still great because I haven’t been there, plus it’s just a walking distance away from the hotel of my friend. I think we were meant to be there. (:

Watch my vlog below and add them on your itinerary when you get to visit Cebu! Enjoy!

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