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Weekends Are The Best!

Just a couple of weeks ago when I had Sundate (date on a Sunday) with my younger sister and mom. We went to Pueblo Verde, Tamiya, Lapu-Lapu City. It’s like a public park yet surrounded with plenty choices of boutiques and food chains; a place where you can go shopping and dine and chill at the same time. While looking for a Coffee Shop, I randomly took  some street photographies.


At the Café Talk 


Weekends are the best! Right? It’s your rest day/s from work and school, so make the most of it. You may grab a coffee and a good book, hang out with your family or friends, or just stay at home and relax with good movies and a box full of popcorn. It’s all up to you on how to spend your weekend! What I’m trying to say is learn to appreciate little things around you and enjoy life!

Have blessed Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!

Rosy 🌹

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